Detroit motivates me to return to the blog…

An article in today’s Detroit Free Press causes me to finally get back to posting, after almost two year’s absence.

  • In this article
  • the two cities of Detroit and Pittsburgh are compared, especially comparing how much rougher a time of things Detroit has had since the early 80’s.

    I was born in Detroit, grew up in Ann Arbor and have many fond memories of Southeast Michigan. But, as the article discusses, Detroit, though with a larger metro population, is struggling much more. Yet, from what I understand, Pittsburgh lost much more in the “big steel” decline than Detroit did in the auto downturn of the early 80’s.

    Of course, Michigan lost me – and I didn’t want to go. I moved on to a job in Texas, came back to Michigan via Grand Rapids a few years later, and ended up in Pittsburgh by 1995. I go back to Michigan often, since I still have family there, but the opportunities in Pittsburgh are, for me, significant.

    Pittsburgh had more industrial pain, earlier. There is much still to do, but (despite the protestations of many of my friends who are native Pittsburghers) for a “rust belt” city, Pittsburgh is well positioned.

    Detroit has a much steeper climb ahead, and I dearly hope the forward motion can gain momentum. It is another great city that built America and the city, the region and, especially the people, have much to offer.

    Plus, they have Jim Leyland!


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