When is a music "Pirate" not a music pirate?

Hmmm. Maybe when the agent for the RIAA has the wrong facts?

A new article in BusinessWeek chronicles the tale of a 40 something single mom in Oregon who got “served” by what was then the “Settlement Support Center” allied with the RIAA – claiming that she owed them thousands of dollars..apparently because they had attributed the downloads spoofed IP address that Verizon said she had used for downloading.

Fascinating read.

The claims against this woman, Tanya Anderson, have finally been dropped. But now, an attorney who defended her is waging a major lawsuit against the recording industry.

A major takeaway on this article: the lawsuit is about the behaviors of the RIAA against people wrongly accused of music pirating. Folks who HAVE been illegally downloading still have plenty to worry about.


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