The Top Dog and the Big Wiener Cross Paths

Tuesday, September 15, driving from Pittsburgh to Cleveland for the Public Radio Program Director’s Conference. Busy day, with President Obama heading toward me from Lordstown, OH – many police, state troopers and helicopters going east. But going west, with me….?

The Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile (OMWM)

With so many gendarmes on the roadway, I was careful to abide by the speed limit en route to Cleveland — but I learned an important lesson…

The OMWM tend to go a bit slower than the speed limit — must be owing to all of that slow cooking?


About sehanley

Musician, journalist, teacher, technologist, consultant & former NPR station manager. A media and entertainment professional, journalist, entrepreneur, technology advocate, educator, student, mentor, manager, and media, musical and theatrical performer. Voice talent and coach for music and spoken word. I also act and sing (mostly jazz, but a lot of experience with choral, classical and musical theater, too). Brass instruments, too, but my AF ofM card lapsed years ago. Heard on the national jazz service, PubJazz, and in the Pittsburgh market on WZUM/Pittsburgh Jazz Channel. I also teach college level courses in media and journalism. I managed the leading NPR/public radio station in Pittsburgh, PA for 16 years, a few years later was GM of the NPR station WBHM in Birmingham, AL. I served for six very busy years on the NPR Board of Directors and have done much volunteer service for national and local organizations in the communities I have been privileged to live and work in. Former NPR Board Member, former President of the Pittsburgh Radio Organization, sometime musician, relentless technology advocate. Opinions expressed are not the viewpoints of any employer or affiliation past or present.
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