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The Kind Recognition of Your Peers

In May and July of 2011, some last bits of tribute were paid to the first public radio station in Pittsburgh. Before this is all-too-distant memory, I thought it a good idea to share those awards. May 9, 2011 At … Continue reading

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The balance between silicon and carbon

This past month or so has been really busy. The future of my workplace has been in flux My parents’ health, a concern And in the midst of it all, I witnessed an amazing confluence of things digital (silicon) and … Continue reading

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Remembering Daniel Schorr

The passing, today, of Daniel Schorr at the age of 93 is a time for appreciation, sadness and remembering. I met Mr. Schorr a few times over the past many years, but it was more likely from my getting into … Continue reading

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A media business model that works?

The phrase “business model” is joined with “media” so much, lately, that it’s hard to remember how odd a business it is. I recall the midlife crisis of radio sales rep Billy Crystal in the movie “City Slickers:” Well, what … Continue reading

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