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50 Years and a Day

During this, 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, many people have been giving spin and perspective.  Some of it has been predictable, some, outrageous. It has been a special gift to turn my internet feed onto my television … Continue reading

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The Problem with Most People

The problem with most people is – “Most People” In this political season, you will see characterizations about what “most people” think, say or do. People who are liberal, people who are conservative, presuming that most of the world agrees … Continue reading

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My First Isetta – is the really early “smart car,” to return?

May 2009 I was in Ann Arbor visiting my parents.  It was still the depths of the recession and very rough times in the auto industry, but it was a sunny, pleasant Saturday, and a lot of car enthusiasts were … Continue reading

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