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The Plural of Anecdote is not Data..or is it?

In New Orleans in 2003, at what was the last Public Radio Conference, ever, I did a presentation on Digital Radio, in the very early times of HD Radio. Before my session, my colleague David Liroff (formerly of WGBH and … Continue reading

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The Gift of the Krumkake – Redux

Updated December 24, 2013 A wonderful thing about traditions is they can help you rekindle good things that deserve to be repeated, especially in showing others that you care. When I first came to Pittsburgh in 1995, I found the … Continue reading

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The Kind Recognition of Your Peers

In May and July of 2011, some last bits of tribute were paid to the first public radio station in Pittsburgh. Before this is all-too-distant memory, I thought it a good idea to share those awards. May 9, 2011 At … Continue reading

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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish*

Douglas Adams. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Thanks to my time in public radio, I got to meet and interview him in 1982. My time in public radio has offered me many great opportunities to meet, interview and engage with … Continue reading

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The balance between silicon and carbon

This past month or so has been really busy. The future of my workplace has been in flux My parents’ health, a concern And in the midst of it all, I witnessed an amazing confluence of things digital (silicon) and … Continue reading

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